Feedback from Parents

Community feedback is essential to how we guide the growth and sustainability of our program. Every year we offer families the opportunity to share their feedback and suggestions through surveys. Here are some of the comments our current parents have about SunGarden:

What do you most value about the culture of SunGarden?

 "The community is amazing. The joy, love and guidance shown by the teachers is phenomenal." ~ Liz. M, parent of 3 year Grace.

 "The commitment to fostering our children's natural tendencies in growth and education." ~ Joe L., parent of 4-year Emma and 5-year old Jackson.

 "The expertise of staff, and peaceful environment." ~ Victoria E., parent of 2 1/2 year old Liza.

 "Independent learning, sense of community and friendship." ~ Susan C., parent of 6-year old Lyla.

Comments about SunGarden

“We absolutely love Sungarden Montessori! My daughter is thriving there.” ~ Ember G., parent of 4-year old Iris. 

"We are beyond impressed with every aspect of SunGarden." ~ Katy M., parent of 6-year old Nick.

"SunGarden is a very special place and we could not be happier with our decision to send our child there." ~ Rob C., Parent of 4-year old Lily.

 "Our guide has gone above and beyond her duties with phone calls and emails to help us support our child." ~ Stephanie S., parent of 3-year old Terra.

 "I would say SunGarden meets the needs of our family holistically. Both for our child and us, the parents. This is one of the reasons I am so enchanted with our school."       ~ Ann T., parent of 3-year old Thomas and 5-year old Nicholas.