Children's House Program

Joyful Learning Environments

SunGarden has two Children’s House classrooms (ages 3-6 years old) with a fully integrated indoor/outdoor learning environment for the children. Our staff are deeply committed to joyfully supporting the growth and individuality of every child.

SunGarden offers the following Schedules:

Morning Program (8:30-12:00) Children join the mixed-age community of the Children's House for a three-hour uninterrupted work cycle. During this time children will receive individual and group lessons and move freely from one activity to the next, working with an activity for as long as they please. Lessons consist of practical life, sensorial, math, language, geography, art expression and cultural studies. Children may access the outdoor class extension throughout the morning, in addition to enjoying daily free play outdoors. Throughout the morning, a self-serve nutritious snack is available.

Extended Day (8:30-3:00) Following the morning session, children in Extended Day come together for a community lunch. The children enjoy this social time as they dine together and clean up as a group from lunch. Following free play outside, the children return to the classroom for an afternoon work cycle. This is time when students completing the full three-year cycle of the Children's House may choose to spend time working on larger Kindergarten projects.

Children who need to rest in the afternoon will enjoy a community lunch with the Extended Day children before transitioning to nap/quiet time. Once children demonstrate readiness for a full day of engaged learning, they will transition naturally out of the nap program and join their community for the full day.

Aftercare (3:00-5:30) Following the end of class, aftercare is available to a small group of children. Still closely aligned to the Montessori pedagogy at the heart of SunGarden, the curriculum embraces the kinds of activities children may be doing at home during this time of day: having snack, playing outdoors, participating in craft-making activities, listening to and reading stories, and listening to and singing songs.

Outdoors during free play children can enjoy a naturescape of rocks and stumps to climb on, a large climbing web, slide, wooden playhouse and climbing wall to play on. An open paved area allows for group games, large body activities and a place to create mazes with chalk. During class time, the children may choose to contribute to the working garden, tending to the needs of the worm bin and compost or feeding the chickens. Opportunities to identify and learn the names of various plants, birds and wildlife enrich the children's experience as they enjoy working to enrich the community environment.

We offer eight, week-long sessions in our Summer Program. Our summer session offers a relaxed, Montessori-inspired environment for the children. They will enjoy indoor and outdoor free play, gardening, baking and cooking projects, art projects and time with friends. The summer program is a nice place for new students to get to know the SunGarden community, and to get acclimated to their time away from home prior to starting in the fall.