Toddler Community

At SunGarden, the Toddler community is typically composed of 10-12 children ages 15 months to 36 months. With one adult per every four children, our staff create a safe and nurturing environment that both supports and stimulates children as they learn and grow. Children often stay for two years in the Rose Room, giving their relationships with friends and adults time to develop before transitioning into the Children’s House.

The toddler staff partner closely with parents to help guide in the establishment of autonomy, separation, toilet learning, and other experiences that rise during this important time of life. The educational program includes practical life skills, experiences in arts and sciences, and activities for sensori-motor and language development. Children have opportunities to gather in larger groups for songs and games, and enjoy a daily healthy snack. The children also are given plenty of time to freely choose the age-appropriate activities available on the shelves of the classroom, enjoy outside time in our toddler garden, and interact with the Children's House children.