2018-2019 Tuition and Fees


Toddler Program (ages 15 mo- 36 mo)

   Half Day (8:30-12:00)             Full Day (8:30-3:00)

Toddler 3 day                                                   $665                                                    $955

Toddler 4 day                                                   $775                                                    $1115

Toddler 5 day                                                   $835                                                    $1325

Before care   8:00-8:30                                     $65/mo

Aftercare      3:00-5:30*                                    $375/mo

*Limited to 4 Toddlers

                          Children's House (ages 30 mo- 6 years)                       

       Payment Options:                                 Monthly                     Semester                         Annual

Morning      8:30-12:00                                    $755                          $3775                            $7550

Full Day       8:30-3:00                                     $985                           $4925                            $9850

Before care   8:00-8:30                                     $65/mo

Aftercare      3:00-5:30*                                    $325/mo

* Limited to 12 Primary childern


Registration Fee

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $125.00 is due with all new child applications.  Once your child is enrolled at SunGarden, this fee does not need to be paid for in subsequent years.


To secure enrollment, a tuition deposit of $500 is required.  The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your account toward the June tuition of your child's final year enrolled at SunGarden.

Program Fee

An annual $250 Program Fee is due at the time of the first month’s tuition payment for each enrolled child.

Sibling Discount

We offer a sibling tuition discount of $500.00 per year ($50 per month) for the oldest child of families with more than one child attending SunGarden.