Educational Staff

The Sun Room ~ Children's House Community

Francesca Wicklin ~ Sun Room Assistant

Lauren Lehmann ~ Sun Room Guide


Lauren joyfully serves as the Sun Room Guide. Lauren has worked at SunGarden for three years, and brings a bright and lovely presence to the children with whom she works.

AMI Primary Diploma ~ Montessori Northwest



The Garden Room ~ Children's House Community

Kristin Bouwmeester ~ Garden Room Assistant

Alex Hammond~ Garden Room Guide


After Guiding SunGarden's Toddler community for a year, Alex now leads the Garden Room classroom as she begins her third year at SunGarden. Prior to working at SunGarden, Alex worked for three years in both Toddler and Children's House communities in Corvallis. Alex brings a sweet and caring presence, as well as a passion for Montessori education to her role as the Garden Room Guide.

AMI Primary Diploma ~ Montessori Northwest




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The Rose Room ~ Toddler Community

Casey Duffy ~ Rose Room Guide


Joyfully stepping in to guide our toddler program is Casey Duffy. Casey is beginning her third year at SunGarden, having assisted last year in one of our Primary classrooms, and working in the toddler community our founding year. Casey’s experience with young children comes from her experiences as a mother, a nanny, a doula and as AMS-certified Primary Guide. Casey’s unique background and training brings a strong understanding of Montessori pedagogy to her role working with toddlers, and further compliments her peaceful nature and approach to working with families.


Ashley Welp & Jamie Brunmeier ~ Rose Room Assistants

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Assisting Casey in the Rose Room are Ashley Welp and Jamie Brunmeier. Both Ashley and Jamie have worked in Primary and Toddler communities, and have an established relationship with many of our families. Casey’s already-strong partnership with Ashley and Jamie provides a cohesive, steady and joyful learning environment for the children of the Rose Room community.