SunGarden Board of Directors

About us

SunGarden Montessori Center, Inc. was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1983. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and the appointed Administrator. The Board oversees the fiscal soundness and transparency of SunGarden as a non-profit, as well as ensuring the pedagogical  integrity at the heart of the program remains intact. The Board of Directors can be reached at


Board Officers and Directors

President, Hilary Greene - Parent of SunGarden graduate

Treasurer,  Jon Woodward - Parent of SunGarden graduate & current SunGarden student

Secretary, Jon Greene - Parent of SunGarden graduate

Board Director, Lori Bacon - Parent of two current SunGarden students

Yvette Cushman-Baton - SunGarden Administrator, parent of two SunGarden alums, AMI Member