Administrative Staff

Administrator ~ Yvette Cushman-Baton


Yvette Cushman-Baton joyfully serves as SunGarden’s Administrator and has been a member of the SunGarden community since 2007. Prior to stepping into the role of Administrator, Yvette worked at SunGarden as both a classroom assistant and Guide for four years prior to taking the AMI Primary teaching course at Montessori Institute Northwest. Both of Yvette's two children attended and graduated from SunGarden. 

Yvette's previous administrative experience comes from her work as a founding contributor to the formation of Molalla River Academy charter school, an interdisciplinary arts and sciences K-8 program in Molalla. She served as the school’s Interim Executive Director, as well as Board President for three years. Additionally, Yvette volunteered as the Administrative Liaison for Open Montessori Initiative, a non-profit program developed to make Montessori education more accessible to a broader spectrum of children and their families.

Yvette brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, as well as a passion and dedication to Montessori education. Yvette's deep-rooted interest in providing children with a life-long educational foundation makes her a strong guide to both the community and pedagogy at the heart of SunGarden. Yvette can be reached at

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest  

Assistant Administrator ~ Bethe Brunken


Bethe Brunken works alongside Yvette as SunGarden's Assistant Administrator. Bethe brings creativity, organization and a strong appreciation and commitment to creating a strong AMI-Montessori community. Bethe's previous experience working in a Primary classroom, as well as her teacher certification at Montessori Northwest make her an invaluable part of the Administrative team, and of the SunGarden community. Bethe can be reached at

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest  

Master of Education – Loyola University Maryland