Educational Staff


Amy Livingston ~ Sun Room (Children's House) Guide


Amy graciously serves as the Sun Room Children's House Guide. A seasoned Guide at SunGarden since 2014, she worked first as an assistant and then a Guide in Utah for several years before relocating to Oregon. In addition to her eight-year tenure in Montessori classrooms, Amy also has extensive experience nannying and has worked for many summers with deaf children in Ghana. Amy brings a bright and lovely presence to the children with whom she works.

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest
Master of Education – Loyola University Maryland


Melody Altstadt ~ Sun Room Assistant

Melody is a 7-year veteran Guide, and brings poise and experience to her role as the Sun Room assistant working with Amy and the children of SunGarden. She brings a patient and kind presence to the Sun Room, as well as a passion for music, the outdoors and spending time with her son.

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest
Master of Education – Loyola University Maryland


Sarah May Wasserman ~ Garden Room (Children's House) Guide


Sarah gracefully leads our Garden Room Children's House community, and has been a part of the SunGarden community since 2014. Sarah fell in love with the Montessori Method following her experience in a Children's House community as a classroom assistant.  Sarah worked in Spain providing continuing education for non- native English speaking teachers and elementary school students, and also brings extensive experience working with young children as the nanny of a Montessori family. Sarah brings a patient and kind presence to her role in the Garden Room.

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest
Master of Education – Loyola University Maryland

Jacqueline McCarville ~ Garden Room Assistant

Jacqueline has been the lead assistant in the Garden Room since 1998, sharing her gentle, wise and loving ways with each child each moment of the day. She is a model of patience and understanding, attentive listening, and mindful responsiveness. A source of much intrigue are Jacqueline’s delightful stories about growing up in England.

Creche & Childcare Course – Sunderland, England
Assistant’s Training Course – Montessori Institute Northwest

Alex Hammond~ Rose Room (Toddler) Guide

Alex has been leading a Children's House classroom for the past three years, and has worked for two years prior to that time as a classroom assistant in both Children’s House and toddler programs. Alex also has extensive experience nannying, and has a lovely seven-year-old niece whose life she has had the opportunity to be a close part of. Alex brings a sweet and caring presence, as well as a passion for Montessori education to her role as the Toddler Guide.

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest
Master of Education – Loyola University Maryland


Denee' Longan~ Rose Room Assistant

Returning to SunGarden, having previously served as a Garden Room classroom assistant, aftercare guide and administrative assistant, Denee’ Longan will be joining Alex as our toddler assistant. In addition to her multiple roles at SunGarden, Denee’ has guided her own Children’s House classroom, run an infant-toddler community out of her home for three years, and worked at Childpeace Montessori in their toddler aftercare program. Denee’ has two active boys, ages two and eight; one of them a Sun Room alum and the other currently attending SunGarden. Denee' brings a nurturing spirit to her role as the Rose Room Assistant.

AMI Primary Diploma – Montessori Institute Northwest                                                                       Master of Education – Loyola University Maryland


Casey Duffy ~ Rose Room Assistant

Casey Duffy joins the Rose Room with experience as a nanny, a doula and a mother. She is currently going through the AMS Primary training course, and brings a peaceful and nurturing presence to her role working with the toddlers. Her patience and lovely singing voice are a special part of the community. 


Matt Jenkins ~ Garden Coordinator and Facilities Director

Matt has been working for Near North Montessori School in Chicago, IL as their Urban Farm Assistant, and has just joined the SunGarden Community. In addition to being an integral part of the school’s Farm to Table program, Matt has experience as a chef and children’s cooking teacher, and brings a passion for gardening and sustainable living to this role. Matt is very excited to further develop SunGarden’s outdoor program, and cultivate even more gardening experiences for the children. Matt brings a gentle presence, good humor and a love for the outdoors to his new role in our community.


Lauren Lehmann ~  Aftercare Guide

This is Lauren's second year as SunGarden's Aftercare Guide and third year working in a Montessori setting.  Lauren studied Nutrition in undergrad and grad school and enjoys integrating her knowledge into time spent with the children through their conversations, gardening, cooking & experimenting with tastings.  Lauren brings a pleasant and kind presence as well as a passion for art, yoga and expanding young minds.